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A parent’s greatest dream is to see their child grow up to live a happy and fulfilling life.

When you have a child with an Autism Spectrum Diagnosis (ASD) or other special needs, that dream requires a bit more work to achieve. But, if you have an ally on your child’s journey to independence, you can more easily help your child achieve a life of self-sufficiency – filled with joy and happiness.

Ever Learning can be your partner on the journey.

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Tools to Build Critical Skills for Independence

Cognitive Skills

The ability of learning, thinking, and problem-solving which is the framework for schooling success in adolescence and adulthood. Cognitive skills...

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Language and Communication Skills

Speaking, reading, writing and creative thinking which is the fabric for your child to achieve their dreams. Language and communication...

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Physical and Movement Skills

Sitting, crawling, walking, grabbing etc. are the groundwork to physically play with friends and show independence in areas of living....

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Social Skills

Understanding one's own feelings, other’s feelings with self-regulation are the foundation for long-lasting and meaningful relationships. Social and emotional domain...

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Academic Skills

These skills typically combine several developmental milestone domains to which they build upon each other for a successful academic career....

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Life and Vocational Skills

Areas that a person should acquire to live a happy and independent life in today’s world. Life and vocational skills...

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“I wanted to know more on how to work with him, because really there is no professional services for him over here (Russia), the parents here are mostly on their own… I am learning a lot of new things and I am also seeing so many mistakes I have been doing while working with my son. I also have a lot of references that I can go to look for more answers. Thank you so much for everything!”

Parent, Russia

A. Lopareva

“Although I have already studied lot of things while I was teaching my child, touch with sessions of special learning made my concepts more clear and most of my confusions were settled. People like me who are eager to know solutions of their child behavior and have potential to learn, find this program a blessing. It is worthy in all its contents.”

Parent / Child Specialist, Pakistan

Dr. A. Haider

” I can’t express enough how much I really enjoy the way the program is designed and setup. This program has really opened my eyes to how I can better help my son as well as work with other children in the future”

Parent / Nursing Assistant, United States

T. Paterson

“I work with both of my special needs sons and advocate for their needs continuously. The courses helped me see where all the pieces and parts of ABA fit together into a bigger picture. It really crystallized things for me. I am now able to better help my sons.”

Parent, United States

N. Scimeca

I have truly adored my experience with the ABA training course, it reached all of my expectations that I had prior to it and I truly had an optimal learning experience.

Every time I had any questions there was always someone there to answer it, ever so quickly and I find that is sometimes rare to find these days. I found it to be a very accessible course, I was worried when I first signed up because it is online and I do live out of the country of where this is based but it really reassured me how quickly my emails were replied.

Parent, Germany

G-M. Petraroia

“We are all feeling so more confident in working with our Autistic, Asperger’s and ADHD kids in school already. Some of the strategies that are great for all learners are also creeping into regular classroom interactions. It’s been a valuable investment for our school!”

School Principal, Germany

A. Rosinger