About Ever Learning

We Believe That Learning is a Lifelong Endeavor.

Raising or teaching a child with Autism or other special needs is a long and complicated journey but Ever Learning was created to support you along the way.

We are your ultimate destination for highest quality training and educational products to support evidence-based education and intervention programs for parents, educators and health professionals around the world.

As a person responsible for helping children, adolescents and adults with Autism and other special needs improve their quality of life, we know you feel the same way. Our mission is to support you by ensuring that you have easy access to cost-effective, highest quality training and educational materials to support your home, school or clinic-based education and intervention programs.

Ever Learning was founded to provide parents and educators of children on the autism spectrum (or other special needs) with the help, highest quality training, education, and teaching resources available to support a child’s learning needs.

We understand, first-hand, your needs as a parent or educator and we believe that everyone should have access to quality resources – regardless of language, location, or income.

Our team is located across seven different countries, ten different time zones and we speak eight different languages.

We believe that every parent, teacher or health professional working to help improve the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities should have access to quality resources, no matter where they are located, what language they speak and how much money they have.

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