Understanding one’s own feelings, other’s feelings with self-regulation are the foundation for long-lasting and meaningful relationships.Social and emotional domain are skills that develop over time.  When a child meets this domain, they will have the ability to understand their own feelings, other’s feelings and demonstrate self-regulation.  A child who has mastered this domain is believed to have the foundational skills to follow instructions, pay attention, engage in cooperative play and exhibit self-control.  Along with this, as the child ages into adolescence and adulthood, they will have the foundation for long-lasting and meaningful relationships.The chart below identifies several skills your child should demonstrate by age 12 months, 24 months, 36 months, 4 years old, and 5 years old for Social & Emotional Growth: 
AgeSocial & Emotional Skills
12 months (1 year)Cries when parent leaves
Shows they have a favorite toy, thing and person
Shows fear in some situations and/or seems shy with strangers
Repeats sounds or actions to get attention
Helps with dressing by putting arm or leg out
Engages in reciprocal play (peek-a-book)
AgeSocial & Emotional Skills
24 months (2 years)Copies and imitates adults and other children
May engage in “temper tantrums” and exhibits defiant behavior
Shows excitement when other children are in the same area and plays “next” to other children
Engages in affection (hugs, kisses etc) with familiar people
Explores the environment with parents close by
Gestures for play and sharing (hands items to others or points out things) and plays pretend (feeding a doll)
AgeSocial & Emotional Skills
36 months (3 years)Copies and imitates adults and friends
Takes turns in games
Demonstrates concern or tries to “console” a crying friend
Separates from parents easily
May get upset or have small tantrum with major changes in routine
Dresses and undresses self independently
AgeSocial & Emotional Skills
4 YearsTalks about their interests, likes and dislikes
Engages in make-believe play
Prefers to play with other children then by himself
Pretend plays Mom or Dad
Cooperates with other children
Often can’t tell from real and make-believe
AgeSocial & Emotional Skills
5 YearsWants to please and be like friends
Follow rules and more likely to agree with them
Can discriminate gender (male, female)
Can discriminate real vs. make-believe
Likes to sing, dance, and act
Can be demanding at times and very cooperative at other times