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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Overview

<< Back To Dashboard This webcast provides an overview of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and discusses the various approaches used in dealing with the different symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorders. This webcast is perfect for those seeking to learn the basics of ABA such as parents of newly diagnosed children, special education teachers, and anyone […]

ABCs of Functional Behavior Assessment

<< Back To Dashboard An essential part of developing effective behavior interventions to treat problem behavior is identifying when, where and why of behavior. This webinar will provide students with a basic framework that can be used to conduct simple, yet effective Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs). FBA is a procedure used to collect valuable information […]

ABCs of Sensory Processing Disorder: Where Do I Start?

<< Back To Dashboard Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) affects nearly 16% of school aged kids in the U.S.. Shockingly, in children with autism, the prevalence rate skyrockets to 75% to 90%. Although this condition affects tens of millions of children around the world, there is a scarcity of healthcare professionals with expertise to effectively treat […]

Methods of Preventing Challenging Behavior

<< Back To Dashboard If you’re an educator, you have likely experienced challenging behavior to some degree. Crying, screaming, flopping to the floor, and refusal to comply are common examples. Set your classroom up for success by learning easy-to-implement strategies to prevent challenging behavior from occurring during instruction, downtime, transitions and after reward time. Setting […]

Crossing the Street Visual Schedule

Knowing when and how to cross the street can be hard for any child. Children with impaired communication skills or social skills may have increased difficulty in crossing the street. Our “Crossing the Street” visual schedule provides a concrete roadmap to completing one of life’s most important tasks. This downloadable teaching product uses vivid and […]