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April Newsletter – Updates, Free Download, and Promotions

What’s Happening? Join the Special Learning Family (Ever Learning’s parent company) as we embrace the social importance of Autism Advancement and not just awareness. April 2nd of every year is considered “Light it Up Blue” for Autism Awareness Month. As this movement has continued to grow over the past decade, caregivers and persons living with […]

Responding To Remarks About Your Child’s Differences

Those first few years, I struggled with explanations about my son’s differences. The grocery store checkout is a stage of many memories where I’ve bumbled through awkward explanations about my son’s medical challenges and how they related to the more obvious signs: the feeding tube, eye patch, orthotics, gait trainer, helmet, and other unusual accessories. […]

How to Sleep Train Your Child with Affordable Bluetooth Technology

Establishing proper routines is paramount to child development, and bedtime is one of the first routines they will learn. Most children will have sleep struggles from time to time, but research shows children on the autism spectrum are more likely to have sleep disorders. Here are a few theories as to why: Children with autism, […]