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Terapias ABA

El Análisis del Comportamiento Aplicado (ABA) es la ciencia de la conducta que se enfoca en incrementar conductas deseadas y disminuir conductas disruptivas. Dentro de la extensa ciencia de ABA, hay varios acercamientos identificados como tratamientos ABA que sirven para las diferentes necesidades de individuos con autismo.    

Visión General de ABA: Introducción al Análisis de Comportamiento Aplicado

El libro digital “Una Visión General de ABA” ha sido desarrollado específicamente para aquellos que buscan obtener un entendimiento extenso del Análisis del Comportamiento Aplicado (ABA). Este libro es una lectura necesaria para padres con hijos recientemente diagnosticados y para cualquier otra persona que ame y provea de cuidado a esos niños, incluyendo maestros de […]

Living in the Mainstream: Supporting Children with Developmental Disabilities in Inclusive Settings

This issue of Ever Learning’s Autism Educator Series creates awareness amongst readers of people with disabilities, specifically children. It sheds light on the struggles encountered with disabilities, including how individuals not only cope but also excel in their daily activities in the right settings. More importantly, it discusses how society can make an effort to […]

Teachers Surviving Inclusion Programs – Autism Educator Teaching Series

Addresses success factors in the inclusion of children with disabilities in general education classrooms, drawing on key research findings. It explains how a child is assessed with special education needs and what can be done early to address his or her educational needs in general, and development in inclusive settings in particular. Key considerations in […]

Curricular Modifications for Children With Developmental Disabilities in the Inclusive Classroom- Autism Educator Teaching Series

Children with disabilities or special education needs often struggle in an inclusive classroom alongside more able peers. To accommodate these special needs, teachers need to modify classroom activities. This e-book gives teachers ideas on how to extend assistance to students with special needs in the classroom so that they, together with other students, can feel […]

Assessing and Educating Children Suspected of Having Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities – Autism Educator Teaching Series

Teachers are usually faced with concerns about students who may display odd behaviors. Recurring suspicions about learning and developmental disabilities in children should be taken seriously. Teachers are often concerned about the student’s welfare and want to assist these children to still optimize their potentials. Steps on what they can do in referring children to […]

Skill Impairments and Activities That Help Develop Skills in Children with Autism – Autism Educator Teaching Series

This eBook explains skill deficiencies prevalent in Autism and how children can develop them. It includes suggested activities that are fun and interesting to do at home or in inclusive settings like the classroom, with the child’s peers and are facilitated by competent adults. These activities are meant to develop and hone communication and socialization […]

A Critical Overview of the Possible Causes of Autism – Autism Educator Teaching Series

Provides a thorough research base on the possible causes of autism from various perspectives – genetics, medical, environmental, etc. It chronicles the history of Autism that branches out to several explanations of its existence. It also envisions future directions in the development of Autism research and its associated spectrum of disorders. << Back To Dashboard

Adolescent’s Use of Technology to Cope with the Challenges of Autism

The Adolescent’s Use of Technology to Cope with the Challenges of Autism eBook has been written to provide an overview of how various technology applications can assist adolescents with autism in developing communication skills and social skills that will allow them to integrate more successfully into the community. This eBook will help parents and providers […]