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Eating Issues – ABA Literature Summary (July 2011 Issue)

ABA Literature Summary # 2 contains vital information about Eating Issues that are commonly experienced by people that are diagnosed with Autism. Learn more about Assessment and Intervention for Food Selectivity and Refusal, Caregiver Interventions for Food Selectivity, Eating Difficulties Comparison Studies, PICA and Ruminati    

Safety Skills for Children with Autism – ABA Literature Summary

This issue of Ever Learning’s ABA Literature Summary explores teaching individuals with autism how to respond appropriately in situations that have the potential to be unsafe. Research has shown that interventions used to teach individuals with disabilities to seek help when lost have been effective in the natural environment. Being able to identify how to […]

Inclusion of Children, Adolescents and Adults with Autism – ABA Literature Summary

While inclusion is a term often used to refer to mainstreaming children with autism into a classroom setting, for the person with autism inclusion is an issue faced in all facets of everyday life. As one grows from childhood to adolescence and on to adulthood, opportunities for social interaction broaden and often increase. << Back […]

Sensory Processing Difficulties of Individuals with ASD – ABA Literature Summary (November 2011 Issue)

One of the most intrusive symptoms in individuals with Au­tism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is sensory processing dif­ficulty. These difficul­ties can also make an individual with Autism seem like he or she is ignoring others, as it can sometimes be difficult for him/her to hear spoken language and make sense of the meaning quickly. << Back […]

Evaluating Preference Assessment Approaches- ABA Literature Summary

Preference assessments are used to identify the preferences of individuals with disabilities, which are then used as reinforcers of behavior. This literature summary reviews the major preference assessment formats and methodologies and their effectiveness on behavioral interventions. This issue of Ever Learning’s ABA Literature Summary discusses Effectiveness of Preference Assessments by Stimuli and Effectiveness of […]

Behavior – ABA Literature Summary

This issue of our ABA Literature Summary talks about the topic of Behavior for individuals on the Autism spectrum. Learn more about General Interventions, Assessing Challenging Behavior and Interventions for SIB. The ABA Literature Summary is a monthly issued newsletter covering various topics that are helpful and informative to BCBAs, educators and even parents who […]

Social Skills in Adolescence – ABA Literature Summary

This issue of Ever Learning’s ABA Literature Summary explores the topic of social skills in adolescents. We have summarized information and research on social skills training, parental perspectives, peer relationships and friendships, and assessment of social skills so that parents, providers and educators can better facilitate skills growth socially in adolescents with developmental disabilities. << […]

Social Skills – ABA Literature Summary

This issue of Ever Learning’s ABA Research Article Summary talks about the topic of Social Skills for individuals on the autism spectrum disorder. Learn more about general information about social skills, video modeling, school readiness and written and visual techniques in improving social skills. << Back To Dashboard