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No, The ALL-ACCESS Tool Kit was designed to grow with your child from infancy and toddler years (0-3), pre-academic (3-5), school aged (5-10), adolescence (10-18) and well into adulthood (18 and beyond).

This tool includes unlimited access to all the building blocks to support you as you help your child grow from infancy through adulthood. You can start with what you want to learn about with any of our Training Videos, Training Courses, eBooks, and Literature summaries. Then, you will have the information and education to begin to teach your child the way he/she learns with the evidence-based tools like any of our assessment tools, bundles, flashcards, social stories, Video trainings, and Visual schedules.

The ALL-ACCESS Tool-Kit was developed for nearly a decade using science and evidence-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) teaching modalities. With nearly 50 Behavior Analysts world-wide, we compiled the best and the brightest in the field of ABA and developed a self-serving system to deliver access to this life-changing therapeutic approach to tools and resources.

Ever Learning’s ALL-ACCESS Tool-kit is your one-stop-shop membership for your training needs, and evidence-based tools and resources so you can be your child’s or student’s biggest champion in helping them reach their highest level of potential.

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