Level 3 ABA Online Training Course (Advanced Autism)


The course will begin by reviewing basic ABA principles and strategies to ensure that students possess the foundational knowledge required to move forward in the course. The structured course runs for 10 sessions and includes mandatory pre/post tests after each session so that students can demonstrate their mastery of the material before moving onto the next session.

Course Objectives:

  • To learn about ABA beyond the basic material.
  • To understand the methods of teaching supported by research in Applied Behavior Analysis.
  • To be able to complete an intake of a new client, including conducting educational assessments to determine baseline levels.
  • To be able to assess and address behavioral issues.
  • To understand the role and importance of identifying functions of behaviors when treating problem behaviour.
  • To understand how to write goals and objectives in observable and measurable terms.
  • To create individualized learning plans based on assessments and functional needs of students.