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  1. Treating Food Refusal & Selectivity in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders Silver
  2. Supporting the Play Development of Young Children with Special Needs- Autism Educator Teaching Series

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  • Skill Impairments and Activities That Help Develop Skills in Children with Autism- Autism Educator Teaching Series
  • Curricular Modifications for Children With Developmental Disabilities in the Inclusive Classroom- Autism Educator Teaching Series
  • Living in the Mainstream: Supporting Children with Developmental Disabilities in Inclusive Settings
  • Trying When Its Hard Social Story Curriculum
  • Why is my Body Changing? Puberty for Girls Social Story Curriculum
  • Why is my Body Changing? Puberty for Boys Social Story Curriculum
  • Getting Ready for School Boy Visual Schedule
  • Getting Ready for School Girl Visual Schedule
  • Crossing the Street Visual Schedule
  • Sexuality and Developmental Disabilities- ABA Literature Summary
  • Autism from Adolescence to Adulthood: Making Transitions- ABA Literature Summary
  • Conducting Functional Analyses in the Treatment of Problem Behavior- ABA Literature Summary
  • Inclusion of Children, Adolescents and Adults with Autism- ABA Literature Summary

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