Teaching Shapes: Building Early Language with Flashcards



Teach your child how to recognize shapes in his or her world with this colorful set of flash cards. The Shapes Teaching Early Language Flash Card Kit is an educational tool designed to teach basic language to individuals with Autism, Down syndrome and other developmental disabilities using a simple and fun format.


  • Applies the clinically proven principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy
  • Builds a child’s core vocabulary and teaches important skills such as labeling, expressive language and generalization
  • Provides helpful instructions to make each interaction with a child a teachable one!

The Shapes Teaching Early Language Flash Card Kit contains:

  • 88 flash cards with rear-facing instructions to guide in-the-moment teaching
  • Three different examples of each shape to promote generalization in learning
  • Identical set of images that can be used to teach basic level skills such as identical matching
  • 32-page instructional guide that defines specific ABA-based lessons to teach skills such as matching, sorting, receptive identification, expressive labeling and more!

Available in Downloadable PDF format.

Note: This product is DOWNLOADABLE ONLY. Purchase does not include hard copies.

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