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“I wanted to know more on how to work with him, because really there is no professional services for him over here (Russia), the parents here are mostly on their own… I am learning a lot of new things and I am also seeing so many mistakes I have been doing while working with my son. I also have a lot of references that I can go to look for more answers. Thank you so much for everything!”

Parent, Russia

A. Lopareva

“Although I have already studied lot of things while I was teaching my child, touch with sessions of special learning made my concepts more clear and most of my confusions were settled. People like me who are eager to know solutions of their child behavior and have potential to learn, find this program a blessing. It is worthy in all its contents.”

Parent / Child Specialist, Pakistan

Dr. A. Haider

” I can’t express enough how much I really enjoy the way the program is designed and setup. This program has really opened my eyes to how I can better help my son as well as work with other children in the future”

Parent / Nursing Assistant, United States

T. Paterson

“I work with both of my special needs sons and advocate for their needs continuously. The courses helped me see where all the pieces and parts of ABA fit together into a bigger picture. It really crystallized things for me. I am now able to better help my sons.”

Parent, United States

N. Scimeca

I have truly adored my experience with the ABA training course, it reached all of my expectations that I had prior to it and I truly had an optimal learning experience.

Every time I had any questions there was always someone there to answer it, ever so quickly and I find that is sometimes rare to find these days. I found it to be a very accessible course, I was worried when I first signed up because it is online and I do live out of the country of where this is based but it really reassured me how quickly my emails were replied.

Parent, Germany

G-M. Petraroia

“We are all feeling so more confident in working with our Autistic, Asperger’s and ADHD kids in school already. Some of the strategies that are great for all learners are also creeping into regular classroom interactions. It’s been a valuable investment for our school!”

School Principal, Germany

A. Rosinger

I never imaged I would learn this much! I am so happy I made this training I have invited my coworkers to do it too.

This is the best training I have ever done. I learned so much. I am changing things in my practice, Not only in therapy and working one by one but In classroom with a group.

I loved that I was able to communicate with the experts. I love that the standards were high. I was able to identify things I was doing wrong while working with my kids. before making this training I was in love with ABA but now I am way beyond in love, ABA is my thing. I am looking forward to finish the certification.

 Licensed Elementary Education –  Specializing in Education Therapy

A. da Cunha

I am a social educator in Iceland. I live in a small fishing village and have been working in a kindergarten and mostly been working with children with autism. For the last 4 years, I have been working with ABA.

I found that it was difficult to get a better education in ABA, so I began to browse the internet to find more information and to learn more about ABA. I found the special learning site, and have since completed ABA 1 and ABA 2. These courses have helped me a lot in my work.

I also have access to the library and I can browse there when I need. It is very good to have access to your site for training and information.

Social Educator, Iceland

H. Hrólfsdóttir

The first session was great! Even though I am experienced in autism (having a foster child on the sever end of the spectrum) I still learned a lot. I look forward to continue my learning over the next 8 weeks.

Foster Parent, United States

C. Beaton

“Absolutely fantastic. Gave me such insight to how ABA, DTT training, etc works. Customer Service is absolutely fantastic! – my “GO TO” place for Autism, ABA Education – I no longer need to look any further!”

Paraprofessional, United States

C. Candelor

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