All Access Autism Toolkit LITE (FREE)

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Our FREE All-Access Autism Toolkit LITE is your one-stop solution to begin supporting your child’s development from early intervention through adulthood! This toolkit is a sampling of the tools you will find in our All Access monthly subscription which combines powerful tools designed by experts in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, Speech-Language Pathology, Psychology, and Occupational Therapy to get your child on the right path to independence.  Along with the great tools, we also include videos for parents to learn more about their child and how you can be their best champion.

The FREE All-Access Autism Toolkit LITE includes:

Videos and e-Books for Parents

  1. What is Autism (video)
  2. Toilet Training for children with Special Needs (video)
  3. Webinar on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Overview
  4. eBook on the ABCs of Autism
  5. eBook on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
  6. Visual Schedule on Asking for help (boy and girl versions)
  7. Asking For Help Social Story Curriculum

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